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OpenSLAM - The resource for open source SLAM implementations.

The simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem has been intensively studied in the robotics community in the past. Different techniques have been proposed but only a few of them are available as implementations to the community. The goal of OpenSLAM.org is to provide a platform for SLAM researchers which gives them the possibility to publish and promote their algorithms.

OpenSLAM.org provides to every interested SLAM researcher a subversion (svn) repository and a small webpage in order to publish and promote their work. In the repository, only the authors have full access to the files; other users are restricted to read-only access. OpenSLAM.org does not really aim to provide a repository for the daily development process of early SLAM implementations. Published algorithm should have a certain degree of robustness.

OpenSLAM.org does not force the authors to give away the copyright for their code. We only require that the algorithms are provided as source code and that the authors allow the users to use and modify the source code for their own research. Any commercial application, redistribution, etc has to be arranged between users and authors individually.


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