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Mustererkennung und Bildverarbeitung

There are about 10 million people in Germany suffering from pollen allergies and this number is increasing each year. An accurate and prompt information about pollen concentration in the air is indispensable to pollen forecast and air pollution studies. Conventionally, pollens are counted manually through microscopes. This task is demanding and time-consuming, and generally cannot be finished in real time. The quality and reliability of the delivered data also vary considerably with the pollen counters.
Page OMIB - Online-Monitoring and Identification of Bioaerosols
This project, which is part of the cooperative research project: Biophotonik financed by the BMBF, investigates new methods to detect airborne contamination (e.g. bacteria) in air samples.
Page Invariance in Kernel Methods
Entwicklung effizienter Klassifikatoren. Vorrangig wird an Support Vektor Maschinen (SVM) gearbeitet.
Page I-Search Project
Visual information retrieval is a new subject of research in information technology. Its purpose is to retrieval from a database, images or image sequences that are relevant to a query. It is an extension of traditional information retrieval designed to include visual media.
Page Fundamental Problems in Computer Vision
Projektive Geometrie, Kameramodelle und Mehrbildgeometrieprobleme
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