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Page SFB 604 - Project B10: Alternative splicing as a modulator of signal transduction
Multifunctional signalling proteins harbour many protein domains. These can be varied by alternative splicing, a mechanism, how genomic blueprints can be converted into different transcripts. We will predict and analyse new splice variants and apply new machine learning approaches such as Bayesian networks.
Page EU Project EMBIO: Emergent Organisation in Complex Biomolecular Systems
Biomolecular systems exhibit spontaneous self-organisation that is critical to their function. Examples are protein folding and the self-assembly of membranes. The project aims to develop mathematical and computational approaches primarily to identify the poorly understood principles of this phenomenon
Page EU Network of Excellence REWERSE: Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics - Working Group A2 - Adding Semantics to the Bioinformatics Web
The objective of REWERSE is to strengthen Europe in the area of reasoning languages for Web systems and applications, especially Semantic Web systems and applications aiming at enriching the current Web with so-called intelligent capabilities for data and service retrieval, composition, and processing.
Page DFG Priority Program SPP 1258: Sensory and regulatory RNAs in Prokaryotes
Detection of novel ncRNAs in prokaryotes and investigation of structural/functional features within them, as well as analysis of the interaction between bacterial ncRNAs and their target mRNAs.
Page BMBF/JCB Project D.5: Regulatory Elements
This project is about the development of new approaches for representing promoter sequences. Current solutions for predicting promoter sequences are mostly based on sequence-based training algorithms.
Page BMBF Project Freiburg Initiative for Systems Biology (FRISYS) - WP 2 and WP 3
The programmatic focus of FRISYS is modelling and systems’ analysis of signalling processes in growth and differentiation of well developed model organisms at phylogenetic key positions.
Page BMBF Project D.6
Alternative splicing at NAGNAG acceptors result in the insertion/deletion (indel) of 3 nt into the transcript.
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