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Concentration: Cognitive Technical Systems (CTS) resp. Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Research in the field of cognitive technical systems focuses on the development of machines and robots that are able to perceive their environment autonomously and to interact with it like a living being. This field of research includes such areas as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, machine learning, image processing and computer graphics, natural language processing, and simulation. The University of Freiburg is one of those academic institutions where you can do research in virtually all of these fields .


Participating groups and persons

Mainly the following chairs and groups are involved in the research of these fields:


Studying Cognitive Technical Systems

This is one of three fields in which students of the Master of Science in Computer Science can specialize. The following is a sample curriculum for this field of specialization.


Type of courseWinter semesterSummer semester
Key course
(offered each year)

Image Processing and Computer Graphics

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Core course 
(offered each year)
Computer Vision IIntroduction to Mobile Robotics
Further specialization courses 
(gernerally every 1 or 2 years)

Simulation in Computer Graphics

Reinforcement Learning

AI Planning

Robot Mapping 

Knowledge Representation 

3-D Image Analysis

Computer Vision II

Statistical Pattern Recognition

Advanced Computer Graphics

Game Theory

Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Modal Logic

Maschine Learning


Additional seminars, lab courses and specialization courses are offered for one term or at irregular intervals. For more information on these courses, please consult the module handbook of the Master of Science in Computer Science.

Professors who teach this subject also have put together several sample curricula for the master's degree program and for the combined bachelor's and master's degree program.

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