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Page Machine Learning on the Grid, especially Classification of Complex Data
The Computer-based New Media Group works on various problems from machine learning and data mining, especially on classification problems for complex data with ...
Page OMIB - Online-Monitoring and Identification of Bioaerosols
This project, which is part of the cooperative research project: Biophotonik financed by the BMBF, investigates new methods to detect airborne contamination ...
There are about 10 million people in Germany suffering from pollen allergies and this number is increasing each year. An accurate and prompt information about ...
Page OntoGather: Intelligent search in dynamic data streams
Classic search engines (e.g. Google) crawl the Web in intervals and build up indexes from vast amounts of data to be able to answer user queries within a ...
Page SFB 604 - Project B10: Alternative splicing as a modulator of signal transduction
Multifunctional signalling proteins harbour many protein domains. These can be varied by alternative splicing, a mechanism, how genomic blueprints can be ...
Page OpenSLAM - The resource for open source SLAM implementations.
The simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) problem has been intensively studied in the robotics community in the past. Different techniques have been ...
Page Situation Recognition in Dynamic Multi-Agent Systems
The goal of this project is to develop a model for spatio-temporal situations using hidden Markov models based on relational state descriptions, which are ...
Page TooFree
TooFree is a fileshareing application build on top of the 3-nuts p2p network.
Page TransForm
Classical models of database-driven web applications follow thin-client architectures, i.e., all data processing and business logic resides on the server while ...
Förderschwerpunkt EkompaSS des BMBF, gemeinsam mit der Arbeitsgruppe für Betriebssysteme.
Page Visual Web Page Analysis Tool
Rife information content available on the World Wide Web is published within representation-oriented semi-structured HTML pages making it difficult for ...
Page X-Media
Gegenstand des Projektes Knowledge Sharing and Reuse Across Media (X-Media) ist das Wissensmanagement in komplexen verteilten Umgebungen.
Page Next Generation Recommender Systems
Recommender systems are personalization tools that intend to provide people with lists of suggestions that best reflect their individual taste. In order to ...
Page muFly
The goal of muFly is to design a fully autonomous helicopter comparable in size and weight to a small bird.
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News Item Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen ist neuer Leiter des Institutes für Informatik
News Item 28. Bundeswettbewerb Informatik - Informatik-Talente aus ganz Deutschland ermitteln in Freiburg die Bundessieger
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