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Public Relations


Press releases

The latest press releases from the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science can be found here.


For journalists and media

Do you have specific questions about a press release from the Department of Computer Science, or would you like to speak to someone directly? We’re here to help you.


Head of Public Relations and Marketing at the Faculty of Engineering

Natascha Thoma-Widmann phone: +49 (0)761 203 8056 email: thoma-widmann [at] tf [dot] uni-freiburg [dot] de


Address and Visiting:

University of Freiburg Faculty of Engineering Georges-Köhler-Allee 101 Building 101, Level 2 79110 Freiburg

>> For more information about public relations at the University of Freiburg, please see the University of Freiburg’s Office of Public Relations:

http://www.pr.uni-freiburg.de/pr- en.html



You can download various templates (including logos and brochures) on the website of the Faculty of Engineering
(german only)


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